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all songs written by saskatchewan
all lyrics by lash
recorded / produced / mixed / mastered at zeal street, melbourne during summer 2016 in a very fucking hot fire hazard by our very own lash.

drums | alex
guitars | ben r.
guitars | luka
bass | ben t.
vox | lash

album design / layout | ben
photos | laura


Contact: saskatchewanhc@gmail.com


released February 23, 2016

thanks to everyone who helped out when we needed it.
gere thread rules. thanks nick.
thanks for listening.



all rights reserved


Saskatchewan Melbourne, Australia

Saskatchewan is:
Oli - Drums
Treddas - Bass
Ben - Guitar
Luka - Guitar
Lash - Vocals

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Track Name: echoes
pack of cigarettes and caskets of wine
we're living lives on borrowed time
my hands cover my eyes, body covers the floor
i have locked all the windows and i have chained all the dorrs
don't give me up, don't let me down i promise you that im not holding back

pass the flask but dont black out
ill take any road going south
dont pull me up dont crack a smile im not giving up im just giving in

my vision blurs in the heat
my body's numb now i can't even speak
i not longer feel the pain i no longer fear for the chains that keep me here

i pass the time as time passes me
hear the echoes of the person that i used to be

i failed every challange set before me
i failed every friend that stood beside me

ill give you up ill let you dont
cant carry you all on my back

now the ninties are over, youre twenty years older
still trying to find a place to fit your head
youre still king of the table, hometown hero
but there nobody with you

Ill give you up, ill let you down
cant tell the placs that ive been

my bodys drifting to sea
my bodys sunk now I can't fucking breath

ill give you up, ill let you down
cant follow you to make it back

pack of cigarettes and caskets of wine
we're living lives on borrowed time
my skeleton is the only one who carries me
fears of who i used to be

i cant hear the echoes
Track Name: basilisk
I foster this hatred aggressor thats nameless
it cripples my hope and brings me to my knees
my demons they goad me into believing
the only escaping this prison is my death
I can see that there is no way out
no rest for the heretic i am fucking sick of this
anxiety thats crippling me every day
depression has taken me these idol hands have been
claimed by the ruler of the city of the damned
I believe that I cannot keep living like this, I want to end the pain that is crippling me, im sorry for all of those who love me, i promise that i will see you again
give me a break from myself im not safe
voice in my head it is too loud and sane
give me a break from myself I am over this
voices in my head are too loud to save
I drown in a sea of depression and grief
fluctuating control rise and fall like the tide
eroding my sanity what the fuck is wrong with me
i beg you to purge this sickness from my head
i reserve my strength for hope that you will bring
a stone to shatter the locks that keep me here
and remove this hopelessness that resided within my soul
so we can sing and be golden again

dont shed a tear for the days we spent
ill follow you my brother ill follow you til the end

blood courses through these veins
hate gives away to rage
my fists rain to the floor
it takes me back to better days

can't fight the swell
cant control the waves
cant keep my head above the surface

cant fight the serpents
cant fight the serpents gaze
Track Name: nightcrawler
I search this concrete maze to try and find my way back home
If you follow the fence by the railroad tracks, you’ll find out what goes down tonight
But you keep coming back to this, broken city soaked in piss
As the cigarette falls to the floor, the race for the lockout begins
But you keep coming back to this, place I don’t reminisce
No regret for the choice I have made, never to living a life of decay
As the twilight descends to black
It’s pulled you in you aren't coming back
Four walls mark the city’s edge
The barriers that hold in the living dead
As the aggression leaks into my mind, evaporating my common sense
Forgo any code of honour, I’ll do the talking with my fists
As the night descends to day, watch the nightcrawlers fade away
When we come to the bitter end, I can say I did my fucking best
Track Name: desperado
This wasteland is my home
Ocean and sand makes these bones
Salt soaked blood keeps me carrying on
As the ocean is singing my song
When I’m down I feel worlds away
Has me longing for better days
But I still hear that ocean singing my song
And it keeps me carrying on
Track Name: pioneers
Please sit for the coronation, bells ring for the new retractor
Preparation for the deconstruction, of a broken nation, with a people fractured
We fucked with a heart of gold, or was it a crown of thorns?
Fed tales of perseverance, truth too dark for story boards
The sun burns through the scars, our feet boil in the sand
How did we end up here? In a stolen nation, with caretakers abandoned
I never knew that we could be so cold
They never knew we could be so cold
Oh father tell me oh why have you wronged me?
Like my father before his father before him
I always wanted to be the first
Are we a blessing or a curse?
In the soil lies generations, valleys echo with ancient voices
Diesel engine penetration, heralds the excavation, of an ancient culture
As the spirits traverse the land, deposit the souls of unborn children
Waiting eternally, in the caves and rivers, to be born again
White ghosts plague a haunted nation, grey men in a house of fiction
Proclaiming that a peoples birth right, is not a rite of passage, fucking lifestyle choices
I can’t believe us, I can’t stay quiet
I cannot stand back and witness cultural violence
I always wanted to be the first
Are we a blessing or a curse?
They never knew that we could be so cold
I never knew that we could be
Drive back the pioneers
I want to raise my voice, I want to bear my teeth
I want to give volume to those who are choked with silent screams
I will not be a witness, confined to the bleachers
As our government spits on the aborigine and proclaims them as leeches
They never knew that we could be so cold
I never knew that we could be so cold
Drive back the pioneers
Track Name: deadbeats
Hand placed around your neck blood is streaming from your head
No one hears you screaming now this place is the end of all things that we know
The days events that brought you here that fucking scum you knew for years
He's a boy with fists he's a coward of men don't fucking touch her with those hands
The violence never comes to an end, you always wish you had left, but he would.never let you go, but now you're speaking up, never fell his rage again, whiskey blood and sweat drenched kiss, memories you won't reminisce
Makeup doesn't cover bruises when its more than fists he uses, she left and it's all your fucking fault, make you're case and I'll make you regret every word, please will you leave that fucking snake a weight is lifted as the silence breaks come with me and you won't fear again never fear again
You don't need to suffer inside, tell me what you have to say I will always have your back, we will always have your back, youll always be a friend to us and we will defend till nothings left
Well never speak his name again you proved your strength
To her I'll never raise my hands
I'll make the choice I'll fucking be a man
Track Name: fathoms
Is this how its supposed to be
Weight of the world bearing down on me
I surrender myself to your jaded words
But it only takes a glance for you to bury me

Its a long way out of the gutter I always want to look my best
I find it hard to be sharp in conversation since my mother was laid to rest
She's fighting battles she's sinking fathoms she always took the drugs too far
No direction only sorrow
I wanna stay gold I wanna stay here

I remember when my father told me
As they moved her body to the hearse
I drove my mother to the bottle
I drove her to her very worst

Why did he take you why won't he take me they always see you nobody sees me

Time to pull my curtain to a close
Embrace the pain I feel inside
I will now join her in my sleep
Today's a good day tonight's my last night

You will regret all the times you let me down I curse you to hear as my body hits the ground

She's sinking fathoms beneath me